Water tower inspection by drone – surface analysis

Inspection of the water tower walls by drone and aerial photogrammetry.

Results obtained from 1225 aerial images taken by the company D-tection.
Post-processing by Drones Imaging.


Inspection to detect and locate surface defects (concrete break-ups and visible reinforcement rods) on the entire structure.

Flatness analysis of the DSM (Digital Surface Model generated by aerial photogrammetry) allowed the algorithmic detection of wall surface defects (concrete burst) and their classification by severity levels (hole depth). Subsequently, the RGB orthophoto (layered on the DSM) also allowed the defects to be textured in order to precisely identify their level of gravity (by photo interpretation).

  • Aerial Images source : D-tection company.
  • Post-processing : Drones Imaging.
  • Airborne platform : DJI Phantom 4.
  • Camera : FC6310.
  • Dense cloud : 50 million points.
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