Logiciel Undet

Undet is a plugin designed for Sketchup, Autocad and Revit software allowing you to use your point clouds thanks to many tools specially dedicated to 2D / 3D drawing and vectorization.

Main software features to operate and analysis point clouds:

  • 2D cutting plan creation.
  • Topographic map creation.
  • Semi-automatic vectorization of surfaces and edges.
  • BIM models creation.
  • Landscape, structural or other integration from 3D libraries.
  • Surface deformations analysis.
  • Compatibility with Sketchup, Autocad and Revit CAD software.

Used by design offices specializing in construction industry and Architecture, Undet is an essential plugin to exploit and enrich your point clouds generated by aerotriangulation (photogrammetry) and lidar.


For technical information, specific use or hardware configuration, contact us.


Test Undet for Sketchup                                                              Test Undet for Revit                                                         Test Undet for Autocad



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