Le Castellet – Survey and topographical map of the Paul Ricard racing circuit by drone and aerial photogrammetry.

Realization of a 270ha Autocad topographic map from orthophoto and digital surface model.

November 2019. Results obtained from 2570 aerial photos taken by the company Arena Drones Organization.


Topographic map produced in Pdf and Dwg formats for updating the site and studying future resurfacing work which begins this month: new asphalt mainly concerning bends and redesigning slopes to eliminate water level problems.

Plan produced in one month with more than 400Km of drawne polylines: markings on the ground, vibrators, vehicle and pedestrian access, parking lots, buildings, surrounding walls, fences, wooded areas Etc.

Technical informations

  • Aerial images source : Arena Drones Organisation company.
  • Post processing : Drones Imaging.
  • Précision spatiale : centimetric.
  • Orthophoto RVB : GSD 4cm.
  • Airborne platform : DJI P4P.
  • Camera : FC 6310.
  • Covered area : 270ha


Below some extracts.









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