Structural inspection carried out by drone and aerial photogrammetry.

Paris – Inspection of the Arche de la Défense by drone and aerial photogrammetry.

Orthophotos built on both sides of the Arche de la Défense.

Results obtained from 2640 aerial images taken by UFLY Drones company.


Inspection d’ouvrage d’art par drone

Above, the two orthofacades of a 6mm GSD each for the detailed inspection of the two sides. Subsequently analyzed by a professional in building pathologies, orthophotos will make it possible to precisely locate some defects such as: slabs loosening, joint strips separations, cracks, infiltrations, rust traces and any other structural defects that can adversely affect the safety of the structure and its surroundings.

Orthophotos directly delivered to the design office in charge of the auscultation operations and safety reports project.


Technical informations

  • Aerial images source : UFLY Drones & Thomas Lafon.
  • Data processing service : Drones Imaging.
  • Spatial accuracy : centimeter.
  • Orthophoto RVB : 6mm GSD.
  • Inspected area : 6050m²
  • Photogrammetry software : Metashape


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