Virtual Surveyor: software for 3D-visualization and analysis of UAV data.

Video clip made with Virtual Surveyor from aerial images provided by the company BM drone.

Drones Imaging signs partnership with GEO-ID for distribution, in France, of its software  Virtual Surveyor.

User-friendly, Virtual Surveyor is a software dedicated to 3D visualization and analysis of geospatial data from photogrammetry. It allows the import of orthophotos and digital surface models to generate an interactive 3D environment in which it is possible to add any superstructure element (animated or not) such as: roads, public lighting, railways, buildings, wind turbines, etc.

Used especially in mining sector and public works to calculate any complex volumes (stockpiles, cut and fill) or to extract break lines, Virtual Surveyor is the essential tool to easily analyze the photogrammetric productions from software such as Photoscan, SimActive or Pix4D for example.

Interoperable with CAD software, it provides the link between operators of civilian drones and design offices or surveyors firms. See more


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