Vegetation activity: NDVI

Airborne imagery and processing performed on an experimental plot with an infrared camera modified by maxmax.

1-Conducting a NDVI map with a modified formula using NIR, GREEN & BLUE channels.

2-Segmentation of micro plots and implementation of a classification attribute table: number, location, surface and plant activity.

Air vector: Drone hexacopter
Camera: CANON SX260HS
Orthomosaic: resolution 5 cm
Date: 28 march 2014


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2 Responses so far.

  1. José says:

    Hi there guys. How does the E NDVI compare to NDVI? Is the first index accurate enough to map differences in biomass or other crop parameters? This would make a big difference for those of us owning a NIR-G-B camera, since we would only need one flight instead of too to map crops… very interested if you can share some more info. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hello Jose,

      this experiment was made to compare the results between the two indexes NDVI & ENDVI.
      The results obtained thereafter were very similar in view of the fact that the red and blue channels are two absorption channels comparables of the vegetation.

      We believe it is very important to make a single flight to avoid light variations between flights because the light variation can significantly distort the final results.
      In this context, we prefer to work with the ENDVI index.