Metashape is the industry’s leading photogrammetry and 3D modeling software. It will allow you to generate high added value data and to automate your process in a very short time.


Agisoft Metashape generates 2D and 3D data that can be used by any type of GIS and CAD-CAD software. It is used in trades such as research, defense, topography, transport, mining and quarrying, utilities, 3D design, agriculture and forestry. Visit our 3D models gallery



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Major features


Photogrammetric restitution.

All types of formats are supported for import by Metashape (video, image any sensor).

Automatic calibration (including fisheye).

Multi-camera projects and scanned images support.


Editing and classifying your point clouds.

Elaborate model editing for accurate results.

Automatic multi-class points classification to customize further reconstruction.


Digital elevation model: DSM/DTM generation and export.

Digital Surface and/or Digital Terrain Model depending on the project.

Georeferencing based on EXIF meta data/flight log, GCPs data.

EPSG registry coordinate systems support: WGS84, UTM, etc.

Configurable vertical datums based on the geoid undulation grids.


Georeferenced orthomosaic generation and edition.

Georeferenced orthomosaic: most-GIS-compatible GeoTIFF format; KML files to be located on Google Earth.

Color correction for homogeneous texture.

Inbuilt ghosting filter to combat artefacts due to moving objects.

Custom planar and cylindrical projection options for close range projects.


Import and merge your Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) data.

Simultaneous adjustment of both laser scanner and camera positions.

Capability to combine TLS and photogrammetric depth maps.

Markers support and automatic targets detection for manual alignment of scanner data.


Measurements: distances, areas, volumes.

Inbuilt tools to measure distances, areas and volumes.

To perform more sophisticated metric analysis the products of photogrammetric processing can be smoothly transferred to external tools thanks to a variety of export formats.


Multispectral imagery processing.

RGB/NIR/thermal/multispectral imagery processing.

Fast reconstruction based on preferable channel.

Multichannel orthomosaic generation and user-defined vegetation indices (e.g. NDVI) calculation and export.


Satellite imagery processing.

Common processing workflow for panchromatic and multispectral satellite images is supported, provided that sufficiently accurate RPC data is available for each image.


Automatic powerlines detection.

Straightforward and time-efficient for large-scale projects since requires only aligned images as the input.

Results export in a form of a 3D polyline model for every wire.


Panorama stitching.

3D reconstruction for data captured from the same camera position — camera station, provided that at least 2 camera stations are present.

360° panorama stitching for one camera station data.


Python and Java API.

In addition to Batch processing – a way to save on human intervention, Python scripting and Java bindings suggests for sophisticated automation and customization options. Starting from the adding custom processing operations to the application GUI up to the complete job automation and integration to Python or Java pipeline.


Network processing.

Distributed calculations over a local computer network to use combined power of multiple nodes for huge data sets processing in one project.


Cloud processing.

Cloud processing interface allows to save on the hardware infrastructure for photogrammetric pipeline, with further option to visualize and share the variety of the processing results online with colleagues or customers, as well as to embed published projects in your own web platforms.



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