3DReshaper, of which Drones Imaging is the official distributor, is a versatile software dedicated to 3D processing and the analysis of point clouds generated by photogrammetry or Lidar.

Easy to use and designed for structural deformations detection or mesh analysis, 3DReshaper is used in areas such as architecture, tunnel inspection, tank analysis, civil engineering, mines and quarries and the naval industry.

Software main features:

  • Building extractor for the 3D model edges detection and automatic simplification of plane surfaces.
  • Surface analysis for controlling a wall verticality or a floor flatness.
  • Monitoring for points clouds comparaison and automatic detection of deformations over time.
  • Tunnels for the study of circular 3D models from cylindrical / equirectangular projections.
  • Slope analysis for slope analysis.
  • Ground extraction for surface classification (DSM/DTM).
  • Breaking lines for breaklines detection (mines and quarries).
  • Roundness for the analysis of tanks circularity (automatic deformation detection).

Leader in inspection softwares, 3DReshaper is the essential tool for analyzing your Lidar or photogrammetric datas.


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Automated geometric simplifications.                                                                                         Engineering works.

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