Powerline inspection by drone and machine learning.

Power lines inspection by drone and machine learning for the inventory of pruning work.

Pruning map carried out from a medium voltage test section over 10km length.

Results obtained from 2640 aerial images captured by D-Tection company.

Power lines inspection for the inventory of pruning work

Above: the orthophoto on which appears the cables of the electrical network in 3 dimensions (shown in blue) as well as a red graphic overlay for vegetation detected and contained in a 3m safety template in relation to the power lines.

Turnkey plans made 100% by aerial photogrammetry (0% Lidar) and directly delivered to the company D-Tection up to date +4 upon receipt of the images for locating areas of invasive vegetation.


Technical informations

  • Aerial images source : D-Tection.
  • Data processing service : Drones Imaging.
  • Spatial accuracy : centimetric with Emlid RTK.
  • Orthophoto RGB : 1cm GSD.
  • Camera : FC6540.
  • Length of corridor inspected : 10km
  • Software : Metashape


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