Topographic map & volumetry report by aerial photogrammetry

Topographic survey & volumetry report by drone and aerial photogrammetry

Topographic survey of the Courcy quarry (51).

Results obtained from 257 aerial images taken by the company Artech’Drone.
Post-processing by Drones Imaging.

Levé topographique et plan d'exploitation

Topographic map and volumetry report made in .pdf + .dwg formats according to technical and professional standards (Autocad).

On this use case, the orthophoto and the Digital Surface Model made it possible to edit a standardized topographic map and a volumetry calculation report whose spatial accuracy is lower than 3cm (in planimetry and altimetry).

  • Source : Artech’Drone company.
  • Post-processing : Drones Imaging company.
  • Airborne platform: Inspire 2.
  • Camera: FC6520.
  • Area : 06ha.
  • Orthophoto : 1.5cm GSD.
  • Spatial accuracy : centimetric.
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