Mapping and surveying of the West high speed railroad

3D mapping of a corridor of 52 km over an area of 3540ha.

Topographic survey of the West high speed railroad, july 2016. Results obtained from 2500 aerial images taken under the direction of the company Blue Metrix, specialized in technical inspections by drone.


On the corridor of 52 km, orthophotos and digital surface models were used to assess the progress of work and to quantify precisely the missing.

  • Source : company Blue Metrix.
  • Airborne platform : plane.
  • Camera : Sony A7R.
  • Area : 3450ha
  • Orthophoto : GSD 7cm.
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2 Responses so far.

  1. Pablo Nicolas Legarreta says:

    Awesome survey. Very nice and clear job you did out there.
    I have to do some aerial surveys of roads. What suggestion can you give me about the GCP taken with GNSS at ground sites? Is it ok to alternate the GCP between the road?
    Thank you.