Mining industry: topographic study of the tracks on an open pit quarry to the benefit of Volvo France

3D modeling of a quarry with tracks graphical overlay, classified and colored according to their slope.

Results obtained from 640 aerial images taken by the company Air City Diagnostic.
Post-processing by Drones Imaging.

This 3D modeling, enriched by a classification of the tracks allowed Volvo France, to study the site from three angles:
-The relation of the mechanical wear of the machines with the slope factor of a site.
-The identification of the risks areas for trucks rotations (red class 15% slope).
-Subsequently, to adapt and privilege certain Volvo construction equipments ranges in relation to their working environment.

Concerned about the accessibility of our results, the use of the online platform Sketchfab made it possible on this use case: a fluid and immediate exploitation of the 3D model, without software or hardware constraints for the customer (see below ).

3D viewing

  • Source : Air City Diagnostic company.
  • Airborne platform : Drone MK.
  • Camera : Sony A6000.
  • Spatial accuracy : centimetric.
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