Implementation of relay antennas on a 3D model made by photogrammetry

Building Information Model (BIM): Pre-work study of a water tower modeled by photogrammetry and intended to receive an antenna system.

Results obtained from 283 aerial images taken by the company Artech Drone.
Post processing by Drones Imaging.

This 3D modeling, qualified with a centimeter accuracy, was used in a CAD software and subsequently enriched with :

  • 6 GSM antennas positioned according to the planned orientation
  • A metal structure for supporting the antenna system.
  • Scaffolding suitable for installation work.

With this use case and thanks to Sketchfab: a fluid and immediate exploitation of the 3D model (without software or hardware constraint) makes it possible to evaluate the nature of the worksite and to appreciate the final result. See below.

3D Viewing


  • Source : Artech Drone company.
  • 3D modeling  & enrichment : Drones Imaging company.
  • Airborne platform: DJI Phantom 4 pro.
  • Accuracy : centimeter.


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