EMLID RTK GNSS Reach RS2 Multi-band receiver

Reach RS2


Emlid RS2 receiver work with common correction services (cors)

You won’t always need to set up your own base station. Standalone Reach RS2 can receive corrections data over the Internet from your local NTRIP provider. No special devices or software are required, all you need is a smartphone.

Correction and log formats

NTRIP, RTCM3, RINEX with events.


Emlid RS2 receiver work with its dedicated ReachView mobile application

With Reach RS2 you can create survey projects to manage data collection. When working in the field each point is assigned a custom name and offset. Results can be downloaded from the project list.

Exporting formats

DXF, CSV, GeoJSON and ESRI shapefile.

Forum utilisateurs

Forum Emlid


Interoperable, EMLID RS2 work in base/rover configuration

Use Reach RS2 to set up your own base station. Stream corrections over the network via NTRIP/TCP or LoRa radio. Record base logs for post-processing.

Corrections and log formats





For technical information, specific use or hardware configuration, contact us.


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